What We Do

We organise a range of activities for our members, modestly priced to cover our costs.  Currently these include a Portrait Group, Sunday Workshop, Life Drawing, Exhibitions and Social Events.  See below for details.

Monday Morning Portrait Group

(Portrait / Costume Figure / Drawing / Painting)

9.30 – 11.45, St Peter’s Community Centre, Bexhill Old Town

The Portrait Group

The Portrait Group

Sessions are held at St Peter’s Community Centre, Bexhill Old Town (opposite St Peter’s Church). Cost £65 for eight weeks, £9 per individual session. All participants must be BAW members. The models sit from 9.30 to 11.45 with breaks.  If you would like to model for the group please contact Maggie on 730619.

The portrait group has been meeting for about twenty years.

The next two terms (Summer and Autumn) will have eight sessions each, with a half-term break.

Beginners welcome – help given

Workshops – Bexhill Museum (Sundays)

In response to requests from members we have booked the Education Room at the Bexhill Museum for the second Sunday of each month  from 11am to 4pm, where we ply our trade and welcome the public to see us work and have the opportunity to purchase if they wish.  We have booked all dates from February 2017. Tea and coffee are provided but please bring your own lunch. The cost remains at £3 a session with the usual 10% commission to BAW if we sell anything. We have a regular group of attendees but new people are always welcome to join us as we work and chat together. We have sold pieces of work in the past as the public wander in.

Please refer to our ‘Calendar’ page for up to date information. Space permitting any members may join us by arrangement on the second Sunday of the month, BAW members pay £3 per session. Currently we have members working in oils and watercolours, textiles and wood, and cartooning.

There is no session on Sunday 9th April.

Please ring Elaine on 846477 to book your place for any of these Sundays or to enquire about dates later in the year.

Tuesday Workshops

A series of tutored workshops is being run on Tuesday afternoons from 2 pm, in the little hall of St. Stevens Church, Woodsgate Park.  These workshops are great fun and have produced some great artwork.  £25 for the series of ten workshops, or £5 for individual workshops.  See the ‘Calendar‘ page for details and the ‘Galleries‘ page for examples of the work produced.

Collage Art, 2017

Examples from the Collage Workshop, Tuesday 14th February 2017

Life Drawing

We are running life drawing classes on a regular basis, and these are at a new venue which is:
Parkhust Hall, Parkhurst Road, Bexhill, TN40 1FD (opposite Murmurations).

These are on Thursday from 6.30-8.30pm.

A term of 6-8 weeks, where the participant will be charged for 4-6 weeks, allowing them to miss any two sessions without losing money.

Sessions must be paid for in advance at the beginning of each term.

Sessions are untutored and open to all abilities. Each class has a leader who will be available to offer guidance to complete beginners and to structure each session.

We have a unique opportunity to arrange these classes to suit our own interests, so please get in touch to register your interest and put forward any suggestions for content. Once we have collated all the information we hope to re-start in the Spring, so watch out for further details or call Eleanor Harding on 210560

Exhibitions 2017

Our venues for exhibitions are the De La Warr Pavilion Studio and at Murmurations in Parkhurst Road. Any questions please call Janet on 01424 892139.

The Studio at the  De La Warr Pavilion will once again be the venue for our Spring Exhibition and as before it will be held on the first May Bank holiday (29 April – May 1).  See the Calendar page for details.

Whilst this is primarily an art exhibition we shall include  a few signature pieces of the best work from our ‘crafty’ members.

See the ‘Calendar’ page for dates and details of exhibitions at Murmurations.

Outdoor Painting Sessions – Summer 2017

Places to go to draw and paint outdoors.

Dates and venues are on the ‘Calendar’ page.

Summer Social Evening

See the ‘Calendar’ page for more information.

Publicity – A note from our Publicity Officer, Steve Hall

Just a brief explanation of what is done for each exhibition. We have 1000 flyers printed with details of BAW activities as well as the current exhibition, also some larger posters, though few shops will display these days. The flyers are distributed around the Bexhill area to shops and cafes, the station, library and Pavilion.

Notices for listings and articles are sent to The Observer, My Alerts and other local publications but we are at their whim as to whether they are published. DLWP publicises the exhibitions that we have with them. Advertisements are expensive and not cost-effective for our purposes.

We have an A-frame and a sail-flag, banners and also posters attached to a bicycle (which I park and chain appropriately) which are used for the duration of each show. These items need to be positioned as visibly as possible to encourage visitors.  (If you are stewarding, please ensure this is done).

The website is becoming more important as a means of communication and we are endeavouring to keep it current with news. A website is required for reference with all listings nowadays.

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding publicity and marketing, or wish to help, please feel free to contact me: steven.hall5@hotmail.co.uk or on 01424 539466.

Steve Hall